Cleaning up grease or oil is always a task and a half - grease seems to spread wider with every wipe, often making matters worse.  The barrage of cleaners available can stuff a cleaner’s cupboard full to bursting. But now there is one safe product you can rely on anywhere, to tackle any task. From a child’s fingerprint to a commercial kitchen, or an oil puddle on the driveway to a locomotive workshop - no job is too big or too small for Exit Grease.


Normal ‘quick-break’ degreasers contain solvents and as such are environmentally unfriendly. Heavy duty grease cleaners can be caustic, and will sometimes even harm the item being cleaned. They are therefore not always safe to store and use around the home or workplace. 


Exit GreaseTM is a non-caustic, water soluble, heavy-duty & general purpose cleaner for the safe removal of grease and oil. Formulated without solvents & to be non-caustic, non-flammable and non-toxic, it is the leader in the field of environmentally safe degreasers.



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