A more environmentally responsible choice of antifoul

What is Coppercoat?

How long does Coppercoat last?

How does Coppercoat work?

Coppercoat is a unique bond of copper and biocides locked into a water based epoxy resin. The slow release of the copper and biocides gives 10+ years protection from barnacle and algae growth, without the need for further anti-fouling.


prevents barnacles and marine growth, giving a smoother bottom for longer life


• A cleaner bottom gives better performance, saving valuable fuel and reducing engine wear


• With Coppercoat, the annual cleaning of the old antifouling is eliminated, saving time and money


• Being an epoxy resin, Coppercoat gives added protection against osmosis in fibre glass boats


• Coppercoat saves thousands of euros in annual antifouling. (See example below)


• Coppercoat is environmentally friendly whilst at the same time supremely effective

How is Coppercoat environmentally friendly?


Whilst Coppercoat contains the highest levels of copper legally allowed, unlike other traditional anti fouls, it doesn't leach or release that copper into the sea.


Classified as non-leaching, this highly effective coating is considerably kinder to the environment than its self eroding competitors, whilst continuing to deter growth year after year.

How much Coppercoat do I need?





Can I apply Coppercoat myself?


Coppercoat can be applied by anyone BUT it is really important that it is not "painted on" in the same way as traditional antifoul.